Türi-Tori parimad hetked
Türi-Tori parimad hetked
Türi-Tori 2015, Teet Reier
Türi-Tori 2015, Teet Reier
Türi-Tori 2015, Tuuli Pentjärv
Türi-Tori 2015, Tuuli Pentjärv




The 7th Türi-Tori Marathon will take place on
Saturday, April 16, 2016.

Registration is open

The rapid flow offers paddlers stirring experiences – the sensation of rush, both on the river as well as in your blood, the sensation of flying, if you are lucky enough, and, occasionally, even the sensation of swimming.
It is a celebration for experienced paddlers.

There are two courses to choose from:
1) the 78 km long Türi-Tori course with 4 checkpoints, 1 stop for catering on half distance and sauna and catering at the finish point;
2) the 47 km long Kurgja-Tori course with 2 checkpoints and sauna and catering at the finish point.

For detailed description of the routes see link

For more information see  Instructions and Safety

Choose the course suitable for you and register!

Do you want to have a marathon t-shirt ? Read here







The following prizes will be raffled out between all the partcipants:

Canoe from one of the leading canoe manufacturer in Estonia,  Primatek OÜ 



a meat/fish smoker from the manufacturer

of metal products,  Skamet OÜ 



An  EastPole Greenland  Paddle 

from the retail seller of paddling equipment                   

 EastPole OÜ   will be raffled out between all K1 kayakers;   


Smaller prizes will also be raffled out between participants.

  • Tori vald
  • Reveil -head kodumaised kanuud
  • Skamet
  • EastPole
  • Edela Loodusmatkad
  • Klaara-Manni Puhkemaja
  • Pärnumaa Skautide ja Gaidide Malev
  • Krumlovsky maraton
  • Pärnu Lahe Merepääste Selts
  • Matogard OÜ
  • Veskisilla Hotell
  • Türi vald
  • Ajakiri Kanuukajak
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